What are you reading this month? – Neon in daylight

New English Book Club (FREE)
Thursday 24th October 2019 at 19

Book of the month: "Neon in daylight", Hermione Horb

What are you reading this month? is a new reading group meeting once a month at Il Mondo che non vedo. The selected books will come from contemporary and modern classic fiction, non-fiction and life writing. An English mother-tongue based in Padova will lead the sessions. The writing explored will encourage discussions about a range of issues. Some of the themes will delve into the arts, different cultures, the nature of cities, friendship and even gender roles. The core aim of this group is to read more and read from a wide selection. In the hopes of learning more about the world and the experiences that bring us together.

For more information email: whatareyoureadingthismonth@gmail.com